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Big Blue 400 Pro (Mitsubishi)

Designed with the professional in mind, the Big Blue 400 Pro is the best for ease of use, reliability and fuel economy.

General Specifications

Title Big Blue 400 Pro (Mitsubishi)
Industries Interests N/A
Carbon Diameter N/A
Cold Weather Starting Aids Weatherproof Lexan Nameplate
Engine Block Heater
Glow Plugs
Current Type N/A
Engine Brand Mitsubishi S4L2
Engine Compliance EPA T4F
Engine Idle Speed 1500 RPM
Portability N/A
Engine Weld Speed 1800 RPM
Fuel Tank Size 11.5 Gallon
Net Height N/A
Fuel Type Diesel
Net Length 105 in
Horsepower N/A
Max Open Circuit Voltage 85 VDC
Net Weight 993 lbs
Weldable Metals N/A
Net Width 26.25 in
Rated Output 400 A at 20 V
Single Phase Generator Continuous Power N/A
Single Phase Generator Peak Power N/A
Sound Rating N/A
Three Phase Generator Continuous Power N/A
Three Phase Generator Peak Power N/A

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