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Trailblazer® 275 LP (Kohler) with Excel™ power, GFCI

Trailblazer® welder/generators deliver unbeatable arc performance providing the smoothest, most stable arc in the industry. The Trailblazer exclusive Auto-Speed™ technology delivers superior runtimes, increased fuel efficiency, and improved welder/generator performance. No other compact machine in the 275-amp class delivers more welding power or more auxiliary power with better fuel efficiency and less noise — for productive, profitable, quieter jobsites.

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General Specifications

Title Trailblazer® 275 LP (Kohler) with Excel™ power, GFCI
Industries Interests Construction
Farm and Ranch
Maintenance and Repair – Field Operations
Mechanical Contracting
Work / Service Trucks
Maintenance and Repair – In Plant
Pipe Fabrication / Construction
Cross Country Pipeline
Current Type DC
Engine Brand Kohler
Engine Idle Speed 2400 RPM
Portability Lift Eye (Standard)
Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Trailer (Optional)
Engine Weld Speed 2400 RPM
2800 RPM
3200 RPM
3600 RPM
Fuel Tank Size 12 Gallon
Net Height 28 in
Fuel Type LP
Net Length 40.5 in
Horsepower 21 hp
Net Weight 459 lbs
Weldable Metals Steel
Stainless Steel
Net Width 20 in
Rated Output CC/DC Stick/TIG 275 A at 28 V, 100% duty cycle
Single Phase Generator Continuous Power 10500 W
Single Phase Generator Peak Power 11000 W
Sound Rating 65 dB @ idle and 74 dB @ weld dB

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